Real-Time Market Data

Sustain a competitive edge with low latency data feeds and services
Competing in the high-performance trading arena requires a broad universe of low and ultra-low latency financial information. Organizations must acquire globally normalized and aggregated market content from an ever-increasing number of sources, trading venues and asset classes, while keeping pace with the exponential growth of data rates and constant pressure to reduce latencies.

Pricing Services

Essential pricing data from an extensive range of global markets
Adrope addresses these challenges, offering ultra-low latency direct raw data feeds from over 50 liquidity pools, and a low latency consolidated feed that aggregates content from over 450 sources in a normalized format. Adrope provides the content breadth, performance and market access required to power the latest algorithmic and electronic trading applications.These feeds leverage a highly sophisticated, latency-optimized infrastructure. Our cost-effective consolidated feed solution delivers a wide range of global financial information, including exchange and over-the-counter (OTC) data, contributed and historical content, news, corporate actions, and reference and fundamental data.

Adrope collects, edits, maintains and delivers pricing and pricing-related data from more than 450 markets and exchanges globally. This end-of-day, intra-day and real-time data provides the mission-critical information needed to value diverse portfolios and power financial applications. The data includes bid and offer, last trade, open and close, high and low and volume data.